God has branded us as Women of God, WOG. We have a Facebook page to keep us connected during the month.  

The annual WOG retreat in Lake Tahoe is held in June. This is a beautiful setting and time away with our sisters in Christ to leave our responsibilities at home and spend time discovering all that God has planned for us.  

Additional Information – WOG 

We all wonder, but we do not all know that we are full of wonder. There are two definitions in the dictionary for wonder—one being doubt or anxiety and the other a cause of astonishment or admiration. The women of Spirit Filled Church gather together to discover that each of us is a wonderful Woman of God. 

God made each of us a cause of astonishment or admiration. Together, we are on a journey to discover this wonder in ourselves and each other. We are determined to take time to be reminded of God’s beauty that surrounds us and is within us. Time to remind each other of the admiration we see in each other. To be refreshed and reminded that each of us is a Woman of Wonder.