Men's Ministries

Men of The Spirit Spirit Filled Church Sparks

The Men’s Ministry Meeting is a great opportunity to get to know the men of Spirit Filled Church and build solid Christian friendships as we fellowship, share a meal and worship together on the third Friday of each month.  Each September we enjoy a weekend men’s retreat up at majestic Lake Tahoe filled with the encouraging Word of God, prayer, praise and worship and a lot of fun and laughter.  We hope you’ll join us!


  In the men’s own words, here are some of its key strengths:

  •    Unity – men experience true biblical unity and camaraderie as they grow relationally and spiritually together.
    • An Open Men’s Group is less threatening – you are not forced to participate until you feel comfortable.
    • Men are like icebergs. Most of their emotions, thoughts and feelings are submerged beneath the surface of their lives. Men’s Groups provide a safe environment for openness and vulnerability where these issues can be brought to the surface and worked through. Confidentiality is the cornerstone for openness and trust.
    • With the different ages and levels of experience there is tremendous corporate wisdom and advice available. As you give and receive you can learn together.
    • Develops character through persistence, leadership through experience and example and understanding through knowledge of God’s Word and how to apply it.
    • Diversity of cultures and backgrounds are understood, appreciated and valued.
    • Topics change each week, creating a sense of anticipation and a vibrant dynamic. Also, if you miss a week you don’t lose out.
    • Men’s needs are met. You have brothers who will stand faithfully with you through your circumstances. “Then they came to Him, bringing a paralytic who was carried by four men.” Mark 2:3

            Men’s Leader; John Glantz

            Phone # (775) 544-8135